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Who We Are

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Robert Torres

Founder & CEO

 Robert has the experience to help clients bring business success using and leveraging social media channels and tools. He has over 8 years working on digital advertising campaigns and has a passion for helping millennials and Gen Z find work they can be truly passionate about.

He is able to work with clients from all industries to help them leverage the power of social media in their day-to-day business operations. He has helped clients with everything from identifying the best tools for their needs, building a strategy that works with their goals, creating content that gets results, and monitoring performance through analytics.

Robert's background includes working with clients across multiple industries including retail, health & beauty, financial services and technology. His experience spans both B2B and B2C businesses making him well versed in how different audiences respond differently across social media platforms.

Robert's approach to digital marketing is simple: start with an understanding of your target audience then build a strategy around what you know about them. He believes that every client deserves a custom solution based on their unique situation - not cookie cutter recommendations from someone who doesn't know them or their industry!

Miami/Los Angeles

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Mariah Ryan

Director of Client Success

 Mariah has always had a passion for helping clients and is a class act communicator. She communicates with different departments in our organization to make the project or campaign a reality and operate smoothly.

Mariah is able to manage multiple projects at once, while ensuring they are all on time and on budget. She also has great attention to detail, which makes her one of our most valuable employees.

In addition to her communication skills, Mariah also has an eye for social media aesthetic. She creates beautiful designs that help clients convey their message clearly and effectively.

Los Angeles, CA

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Natalie Rodriguez

Head of Accounts

Natalie is an experienced account manager at Millennials Digital. She loves to schedule and manage the preparation of our clients' social calendars.

After overseeing hundreds of accounts and leading many account managers in the day to day operations of posting across social media platforms, Natalie is our trusted head of accounts. She's also a great leader, who keeps a positive attitude and helps people feel comfortable with their jobs!

Natalie has been working in marketing since she was 18 years old. She's passionate about helping businesses grow and succeed through digital marketing channels.

Los Angeles

Sia Keys

Head of Finance

Sia is our resident accountant and all-around billables guru. She's always on top of her game, and she keeps us organized so we can focus on what matters: making the best digital marketing experiences for our clients.

Sia loves accounting software, so much that she has become an expert with it. Her attention to detail allows us to be on top of our own finances so we can focus on creating content and delivering awesome client experiences.

Sia is also a full time mommy to two beautiful children—which means she's got some serious multitasking skills!

Miami/ Los Angeles

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Elgin Rebucas

Head of Content

When it comes to social media, Elgin is the man.

Elgin has led our teams effort in creating social media video and photo across all platforms and is trusted in developing advertisements and social media creative for brands of all niches.

He specializes in creating engaging content that will get your audience excited about your brand and products. He also has a great eye for making sure the message you're trying to convey is communicated effectively.

Los Angeles

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